Artist Development and Management for the 0-30 mph stage for artists

1. DEFINE your goals (determine style, sound, songs, brand, etc)

2. DEVELOP your strategy (Make an achievable Action Plan to reach your goals)

3. DIRECT your efforts (Focus your time and talent towards your goals)

Many times, new artists start with #3…creating music and songs without any aim or strategy. Even if what comes of it is well done, they end up with something that doesn’t truly represent them as an Artist. Having "something" to play for your fans or the industry isn't going to help you advance. Having a predetermined target, solidly planned strategy and focused inspiration will. 

If you're an artist interested in"The Q Collective" and want more info, please feel free to contact us. We have an extensive background in artist and song development.

As well, developing strategies and action plans for you're next steps as an artist.

Key Focus Areas:

Strategic Plan Objectives
Music and Product Needs
Define Your Branding as an Artist
Song Development
Production of Master Quality Recordings
Stylist Advising and Photo Shoot for promotional needs
Product Development, Duplication and Digital Distribution
Advise your Digital Content & Social Site development
Access to Music Industry Network Professionals